Baby Shaker iPhone app causes outrage

An app that squeezed its way through Apple's notoriously tough approval system has caused outrage, forcing it to be pulled after two days being up for

Ominously titled Baby Shaker, the game featured scarily realistic sketches of various crying babies, coupled with a timer. The aim of the game was to shake your phone until red crosses appeared over its eyes – pretty disturbing to say the least.

The game may well have been pulled pretty swiftly but the question is, how did it make it up there in the first place?

Apple has often been criticised for scrutinising proposed apps too heavily, turning away a game based on the President Bush shoe-throwing incident because it "ridiculed" a public figure, not to mention the denial of countless applications that compete with anything Apple offers itself.

So what went wrong? Of course, you have to first question the taste of developer who made it, encouraging players to "find a way to put the baby down", in the description of the game. But secondly you have to question how – when the subject of the game was so blatant in both the title and description – Apple didn't think twice before ticking it for approval.

It's all well and good to say that it's just a bit of fun, but when an app taking the mick out of the president doesn't make it through and an app where you kill babies does, it may well be time for Apple to have a rethink of its approval process.