This awesome short film just got a feature deal

Matt Westrup's sci-fi short The Gate is going to the big screen – check it out here

The Gate, a brilliant sci-fi short film from director Matt Westrup, is going to be turned into a full-length feature film, after the rights were picked up by Wayfare Entertainment.

The Gate, an eight-minute short, centres on gruesome mutants running rampant in London. Once you've checked out the film below, have a look at the director's other work – happily, he'll be directing the full-length feature version. Hopefully it'll be as good as Neill Blomkamp's District 9 – another sci-fi movie that was adapted from an earlier short film.

And if The Gate's whetted your appetite for some sci-fi shorts, check out our 5 of the best geek short films.

(Deadline via io9)

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