Autum Epitaph Cruiser bike has double the wheels

Meet the two-wheeler with four wheels. Confused? Us too…

We’re not sure quite what to think of the Autum Epitaph Cruiser. It’s design is straight out of a vintage sepia-enshrouded photograph, what with its no-nonsense all black frame, brown handles and a seat seemingly furnished out of a chesterfield sofa cushion. Antiquated looks aside, you will soon notice that this bike has four wheels – the benefits of which are lost on us, although it does appear to give off a vibe of functional, no-nonsense robustness which we suppose is a good thing.

The price tag of US$2950 is however much less appealing. With only 12 units planned for production – each with a laser-engraved Roman numeral serial number – it’s safe to say that this is a bicycle for artistic collectors as opposed to true road warriors.