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Aussies roll out latest Google Android phone

The joys of Google Android have so far been shackled to the excellent, if somewhat ugly, T–Mobile G1 since its launch at the rear end of October

Initially billed as the $199 Android phone and primed for release by the end of 2008, the phones have been given a price hike thanks to global economic chaos (apparently) and now won’t be hitting any shelves until late January 2009.

It’s now set to cost AU$299, a mere £132 in real money. Not bad, but a sub £100 price tag would have really got us hankering after one. Under that rather rudimentary bod’ is 3G, Bluetooth 2.0 and microSD support, with the Pro also toting Wi–Fi and GPS.

Add to that  QWERTY keyboard and a full touchscreen and you’re looking at something to rival even the best smarties out there. Sadly, there’s no news on whether it’ll be making its way to the UK. Our money’s against it, but we’ll be quizzing Kogan out at CES to see what’s what.

While you wait with baited breath, check what we thought of the first Android phone, the T–Mobile G1, in our in–depth review.


Kogan Agora

Price: £132

On sale: January

Contact: Kogan