Audi Urban Concept EV rolls on 21in wheels

Audi, please build this ultra-light city car – we'll take one

This is what we'll be zipping around the city in, give or take a couple of years and a considerable amount of charm. Powered by two e-tron electric motors and a lithium-ion battery, Audi's new Urban Concept is revving up for its big debut next month at the International Motor Show in Frankfurt. These sketches have just been released to whet our appetite for the real – er, concept. 

The car's body is carbon-reinforced plastic to keep the weight down, the roof slides back to open and the two seats are low-level, racing car style and staggered so everyone knows the driver's still boss. Plus the blinking strips of LED lights around the 21in wheels' protective plates don't even look that tacky – on the mock-up that is.


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