Asus’s touchscreen tablet Eee PC gets green light

If, like us, your savings account resembles something more akin to your childhood piggy bank than one of those hush-hush Swiss affairs, then this morn

See, the mighty Eee PC is getting a touchscreen makeover. We’ve been onto our man on the inside, who tells us this sweet new version will come packing a rotating screen, transforming it, Optimus Prime–style, into a tablet PC with resistive touchscreen tech.

There’s also talk of the new model coming with GPS support. A computer and a monster satnav for getting from A to B? Ah the joys of convergence.

In keeping with their philosophy of making everything cheaper than a McDonald’s Happy Meal (well, almost), Asus says the whole thing will clock in at a mere $500.

The 8.9–inch model will come in 8GB and 12GB flavours, with their VP of sales, Kevin Lin, saying the world and his cheap–laptop loving wife will be able to lay their hands on one in May or June.

With their E–Monitor and dirt–cheap desktop, the E–DT, also due over the summer, it seems Asus is readying itself to take on the might of Apple, not to mention other boot–sale priced lappies doing the rounds.


Asus Eee PC Tablet

Price: $500

On sale: Summer

Contact: Asus