Asus's top–end N10 netbook hitting UK

Asus has been threatening an 'ultimate' netbook for ages now and finally, their top end N10 is set to make an appearance here in the UK.Already outed

Already outed in the US, the N10 isn't being billed as a netbook, but more of a super powerful sub–notebook. Packing the same 10.2in screen as the MSI Wind, it comes with Vista Business rather than XP, an Intel Atom, nVIDIA graphics and a weighty 250GB HDD.

Battery life will be top notch too, with a 6 cell battery that's bound to squeeze out more than three hours from the little monster

That really does set it apart from those budget Eee PCs, and there's a price tag to match. £499 to be exact. Before you baulk in disgust, remember this is a business lappie rather than a toy for planning powerless petitions on Facebook and Skypeing your pals.

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Asus N10

Price: £499

On sale: Now

Contact: Asus