Asus Waveface: foldable tablet PC and wrist-top computer concepts

The Consumer Electronics Show is so packed with me-too gadgets that it's a blessed relief to see some pie-in-the-sky concepts. Especially when they co

The Asus Waveface Light is a flexible tablet PC backed by flexible material - allowing it to be used as a conventional PC with (virtual) keyboard if you wish.

The Asus Waveface Ultra is a web-connected bangle that monitors your physiological state and provides contextual information and services wherever you are.

And the Asus Waveface Casa is a large widescreen  entertainment center and internet portal with a flexbile cover that keeps small areas exposed to display contextually-relevant information.

And if Waveface sounds a bit far-fetched (except for the last one, which is a TV as far as I can tell) then don't forget that Asus recently announced is Eee Keyboard - a fully funcitonal computer with wireless HDMI built into a slim QWERTY keyboard - will be arriving in February.

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