Asus to unveil MacBook Air rival next week

You may have sneaked in your first barbecue of the year over the Bank Holiday, but Asus has been far from relaxed – it’s been busy pr

We got the news from a chinwag with the Taiwanese giant this morning, which revealed that the new model will be the flagship for its already quite slim U and UX Series (pictured).

Full specs are still unknown, but it will bring a new brand name for Asus’ line of thin lappies, with ‘Edge’ and ‘Blade’ both possibilities.

It’ll also be powered by Intel’s new Ultra Low Voltage (ULV) processor, as seen on Acer’s new Timeline series.

According to Asus, though, its version will be more expensive than this ULV poster boy, almost certainly exceeding the price of the top range UX50V, which costs £1000. Keep it locked to for full details next week.