Asus smartbooks shelved – sees "no clear market"

The smartbook revolution has been one of mixed opinions here at Stuff Towers and it seems Asus, one of the first companies to champion the miniature n

Asus' CEO Jerry Shen confirmed earlier in the week that the company has put its Eee PC smartbook on hold for now, stating: "I still don't see a clear market for smartbooks".

The company's smartbook was spotted at Computex in June packing Qualcomm's Snapdragon chipset and an Android OS, but hasn't been seen or spoken about since, which had raised questions as to what Asus had planned for it.

The delay has been put down to limited resources that are needed elsewhere, but Shen's comment certainly seem to show a more negative outlook on the small-form notebooks.

Will we ever see an Asus smartbook hit the market, and would you buy one? Be sure to check out our 5 things you need to know about smartbooks first, and tell us what you think below.

Via: PC World