Asus readying N–series laptops

With the Ultimate S91 and S101 Eee PCs still in the wings, you could be forgiven for thinking Asus was taking a breather from releasing countless new

These new wee beasts, due in September, will apparently come with Windows Vista rather than XP or Linux inside, as well as a 10.2in screen and heftier 320GB hard drives. Prices will apparently kick off at $499 in the States, with no word on UK costs.

Whether Nokia will be happy about their N–series name being used is another thing entirely. But this certainly does fit into plans that Asus talked us through recently, suggesting the Eee PC would remain cheap, with a new range to cover the middle ground of the laptop world.

We're keeping an eye out for any more news, so look out for more as we get it. And remember you can vote for the Eee PC in the Gadget Awards.


Asus N–series

Price: £TBA

On sale: September

Contact: Asus