Asus prepping two 3D laptops for gamers and movie lovers

Following hot on the heels of Acer's 3D laptop we got hands on with a few weeks ago, rival manufacturer Asus has whipped up two of their own 3D laptop

The two models will be part of the Asus G Series gaming laptops, and will be available in 15.6-inch and 17.3-inch versions.

The smaller of the two, the G51J3D, has been confirmed as packing the Nvidia GeForce GTX160M graphics chip, 4GB RAM with a nice 1GB chunk of that for dedicated DDR3 video memory, two 320GB HDDs and Intel's Core i7 processor. Specs for the G72GX remain under wraps for now, but we wouldn't expect much difference from these.

You will need to use glasses to view the tech, but unlike the Acer machine which requires the use of polarising glasses, Asus has opted for tech needing active-shutter specs as they are apparently better equipped to show off HD video.

Active shutter glasses will also allow people to view the 3D movie or game from all angles, instead of having to be directly in front of the screen.

It's thought the 15-inch G51J3D will be released next month in time for Christmas, while the larger-screened G72GX will hit mid 2010 – prices for both are still in the mixing pot.

We'll be keeping you updated, but in the meantime check out our thoughts on Acer's 3D laptop, and let us know if this is something you'd spend your cash on below.

Via: Reg Hardware