Asus Padfone gets pricing for Taiwan pre-orders

Judging from the Transformer Prime pricing variations we’ve worked out what it’s going to cost in the west

The Asus Padfone gives you a 4.3in, 1.5GHz Snapdragon powered mobile, which slots into a 10.1in tablet – which, in turn, connects to a trackpad-toting keyboard – all of which have their own batteries. So, essentially you’re getting the best of all mobile worlds, for one price. But what is that price?

Taiwan pre-orders for the Padfone start tomorrow with a release date of April 20th. Pricing for the complete kit is set at NT$28,901 (£618). But judging from the international price variations for the Transformer Prime, we’d estimate a nice round £650 once it lands on western shores.

The gadgetry treats will be sold separately also but if you pre-order – in Taiwan, at least – you get a free extra battery. Here’s hoping that offer gets extended to the rest of the world when pre-orders begin (hopefully) later this month. Watch this space for more details and in the meantime read our Asus Padfone hands-on review for more info.

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