Asus officially confirms Eee Stick

We’ve seen plenty of the Asus Eee Stick over the past few months. Initially spotted next to the Eee Box way back at the Computex powwow in Taiwa

According to the flimflam coming out of Asus HQ, the new kit will be an, "easy-to-use yet highly versatile Plug and Play wireless controller." There’s one ‘activation’ stick and another ‘navigation’ one, both of which take two AA batteries.

It offers three different modes – 3D motion, pointing and tilt. 3D is apparently for beat ‘em up titles, while the other two modes are pretty self–explanatory.

It’s due to come bundled with the aforementioned Eee Box, as well as certain other, as yet unnamed, Eee PCs and specifically designed games. Handy as the cheapo range doesn’t exactly lend itself to high–end PC gaming.

There’s no UK price or exact release date, but keep it locked to for news as we get it.


Asus Eee Sticks

Price: £TBA

On sale: TBA

Contact: Asus