Asus, HP and Acer Ultrabooks are coming

But they might set you back the best part of £1000, making Intel unhappy

Okay, tablets are portable PCs but not all portable PCs are tablets. If you don't fancy touchscreen typing or lugging around your chunky laptop, you're in luck. Late 2011 and early 2012 will see a surge in releases of Ultrabooks – ultra-slim Intel-powered notebooks – heading our way. 

Intel says Ultrabooks can't be thicker than 0.8inches – and everyone in tech is rising to the challenge. Asus is on course to be first out of the blocks with the launch of its UX line in September, starting in Taiwan. It's managed to shave 0.1in off the MacBook Air but has admitted today that the original US$1000 (£614) price ceiling is likely to be broken because laptops like the UX21 will be powered by Intel Core i5 processors rather than the slower (and cheaper) Core i3 .

HP's Ultrabook is running off schedule but Acer and Dell are also set to bring out ultra-slim laptops with Intel Core i5 or i7 processors in early 2012. Keyboard lovers, your time is almost here again.


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