Asus Eee PC 1000 HE officially unveiled

It's been almost a month since we clamped eyes on Asus's new touchscreen Eee tablets at CES. Time then, for yet another dose of Eee goodness, with the

The E, we're told, means extended. Extended what you ask? Well, the battery will apparently keep going for an epic 9.5 hours, meaning you don't need to panic about your netbook conking out half way through a transatlantic schlep, leaving your spreadsheets half–baked.

As for other specs, we're looking at the usual deal – Intel Atom, 160GB HDD, Wi–Fi and Bluetooth 2.0. The 1000, as ever, means you'll get a 10in screen, while the keyboard rocks some rather sharp isolated buttons, meaning firing off missives is far easier than on your average netbook.

It's due to hit for $399 Stateside, with a UK price yet to be revealed. But at today's terrible rates, that should mean around £299 here in Blighty.

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