Asus Eee Monitor gets official

First we had the Eee PC. Then the Eee Box. And with that the Eee Stick. And now, Asus has ripped the covers off their latest Eee offering, the Eee mon

It’s a piece of kit that’s been talked up for months, but now it really looks like we’ll be getting it soon. Official shots appear to show not just a monitor, but a swanky all–in–one PC.

There appears to be a slew of connections round the back, including USB and Ethernet ports, so surely we’re not looking at a cheap screen for your Eee box–based entertainment.

As ever, Asus is keeping schtum on price. But we have to say, if you want an all–in–one with some grunt, then you might want to look at an iMac or HP Touchsmart IQ500.


Asus Eee Monitorbr /> Price: £TBA

On sale: TBA

Contact: Asus