Asus DR-570 ereader confirmed with specs

While the Asus dual-screened ereader we'd heard rumours of didn't show its face at CES 2010, the company has followed up confirmation it will join the

Letting the deets slip to the Times Online, Asus confirmed the DR-570 reader would pack a 6-inch, OLED colour screen, Wifi and 3G connectivity, and a rather lengthy 122 hour battery life from a single charge.

Even better news is that this battery life is quoted taking "real-world conditions" into account, such as running Flash video – not simply displaying text.

Considering Asus did such a good job at being one of the early netbook pioneers, here's hoping that when this little beauty hits the market, we won't have to pay through the nose for it.

The company did promise to "shake up" the ereader market in September last year, and with another model apparently set to come from them before the year's out, maybe the dual-screened model is just around the corner?

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