Asus and O2's Xda Zest incoming

Lovers of all things Windows rejoice. Not only are you getting some Windows 7 action next year, O2 has just rolled up with a very early Christmas pres

Asus has managed to create a gap in their never–ending Eee PC production line to build the phone, which will take up the mantle of O2's own–brand smarties.

It's all about business here, with Windows Mobile on–board for doctoring Office goodies, including Word and Excel. And once you're done farting about with dull work stuff, you can use 3G or Wi–Fi to get online or the 3MP camera to take a few snaps to pass the time.

There's a micro SD slot, which is just as well, seeing as there's just 356MB on the phone itself. Boo. WinMo types, if you want it, it's yours from November.


O2 Xda Zest

Price: £TBA

On sale: November

Contact: O2