Asus and Acer: no netbooks until 2010

Asus and Acer, two of the world's biggest netbook makers, won't launch any more of the little laptops until 2010 according to rumours from Digitimes.

The netbook makers plan to wait for the next version of Intel's Atom chipset in early 2010.

The Asus T101 with its twisting touchscreen won't be with us until Windows 7 launches as we predicted a while back.

Meanwhile, Asus's Google Android-based netbook will not appear before October.

Asus also plans to launch 12in and 14in Macbook Air aping ultra-thin notebooks without optical drives in August.

Acer will postpone the launch of its much-heralded dual-OS netbook with Windows XP and Google Android.

Were you looking forward to the Acer Android/Windows XP netbook or are you glad that the avalanche of netbooks has been slowed to a trickle?