Assassins: Revelations Beta comes to PS3 before Xbox

Better get in some early practice before those sneaky Xboxers get involved

We don't want to spark a full-on medieval-style feud between PS3 and Xbox 360 gamers here but it's our sworn duty to tell you that from 3-11th September the Assassin's Creed: Revelations Beta is going live on Playstation Network, ahead of its 15th November release. 

The multiplayer beta includes nine characters – including The Sentinel, The Trickster and The Bombardier – with customisable ability sets, three unlocked maps and new abilities like Tripwire Bomb and Closure.

Also, look out for a new version of the Manhunt plus new Deathmatch and Artifact Assault modes. Let's just leave the throwing knives to the professionals, okay?


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