Ashcraft Aria environmentally friendly headphones

Filling your ears with noise need not fill the earth with greenhouse gases anymore

Huh? How can headphones be more environmentally friendly?

Well, you start by getting them designed in Los Angeles, the town where cars are switched off at stop signs to help cut emissions. Then you make sure the cans are made with only recyclable materials. Finally you get a design company famed for minimalist beauty and ask them to make your box of recycled junk look pretty.

Why would I want to wear my used loo rolls on my head?

The materials are far cooler than that. The sexy Nordic-looking wood finish is comprised of old acoustic guitars of musicians. The leather surrounding of the earcups, which is reworked for soft comfort and noise cancellation – you guessed it – is made from musicians’ bags and jackets. The earcups themselves are made from reclaimed aluminium, they don’t say where from but most probably the metal of Kurt Cobain’s shotgun.

My conscience is clear, I feel cool wearing them, but do they sound any good?

What makes these sound as good as they look are 40 millimeter titanium-plated drivers. These are tuned for ultimate clarity in both highs and lows, so you can enjoy Matt Belamy singing what could normally only be heard by dogs. Plus, you’ve done so much for the environment already, you can listen while burning a mountain of old tyres, guilt-free. If that’s your thing.

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