Asda flogging phones for a fiver

If you thought the cheaper iPhone was still a wallet-thumping disgrace, then maybe these blowers are more your thing. Asda has confirmed it’s go

We’re not talking high end stuff here – there are three Sagem models up for grabs, along with the super-basic Nokia 1112. For your fiver you’ll get a speaking clock and polyphonic ringtones. But then you can hardly expect HSDPA, a 5MP snapper and haptic feedback for the same amount as a Whopper meal.

Asda says it’s got 50,000 of the phones in stock, and we’re willing to bet punters after a bargain will clear them out by the end of the day. If you’re looking for a phone to replace your N95 when you head to this summer’s raft of festivals, then the Nok model is not a bad shout.

Deals on Virgin, T-Mobile and Orange will be available from the supermarket, but you can always cram in your own SIM and get a taste of the UK’s cheapest mobile.


£5 mobile phones

Price: £5

On sale: Now

Contact: Asda