Art Lebedev Studios adds "affordable" keyboard to Optimus range

LCD display-backed keys make us want to type all day long


Art Lebedev, maker of the world's most outrageously priced keyboards, has released a cheaper range that uses LCD rather than OLED displays.

The Optimus Popularis keyboard and Mini Six auxiliary keypad use a single LCD display behind the transparent keys as opposed to the Optimus Maximus'  individual OLED display behind each key.

The Popularis is advertised as €747 on the Art Lebedev site, around half the price of the €1422 Optimus Maximus. Meanwhile, the Mini Six is €258. 

The keyboard layout is fully customisable via the Windows and Mac compatible Configurator software, with the space bar displaying the current language or layout name. Below the function keys is a further display strip to make room for notifications and other data.

Our old, sticky, lunch-infested keyboards are beginning to look even less appealing than usual.

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