Around the world cycle with solar power

It may well have passed you by, but Friday 15th May was in fact European Solar Day (mark it in the diary for next year, eh?).You may not not have been

You may not not have been doing anything particularly special on Friday, but Susie Wheeldon, Jamie Vining and Iain Henderson were. I went down to London City Hall to see them set off on the first leg of a bike ride that will take them a little further than their local park.

Over the next nine months they will be cycling 12,000 miles around the world. It's not just a jolly old jaunt – they're riding to raise money for the charity Solar Aid. They're hoping to highlight the potential of solar power in the fight against climate change by visiting various solar energy projects along the way, and writing about their adventures.



Handlebar gadgets (from left to right): Nokia N96, Powercurve solar charger, Powercurve battery pack


The G24i solar panniers will juice up their gadgets on the long road, so they can keep the rest of the world updated on their progress.


Boris: "Why don't we have solar panels [on London City Hall]?"

Everyone: "You do!"

Boris: "Oh, er, brilliant."


Susie, Jamie and Iain will be using their Nokia N79 Active, 5800 Xpress Music and N96 handsets to geo-tag, blog, Tweet, and Facebook throughout their expedition. 

You can follow their progress at: