ARM-based Xbox incoming

We won’t see an Xbox upgrade until 2013, but then we could see two

Excitement about an Xbox 720 landing this year has all but fizzled out to a sputter after Microsoft succinctly announced E3 and 2012 wouldn’t see a console announcement. But in 2013 our disappointment may be replaced by double the joy as we're blessed with two new Xbox consoles including an ARM-based machine.

The word from MS Nerd – an insider with a great track record for leaking – is that we can expect a console in late 2013, “which does Arcade-style games and all the current and future media apps with Kinect”. It will be an ARM-based console that competes with Apple TV at around the £100 price point. It sounds similar to Google TV, which lets you play Android apps, except this (presumably) will be solely for gaming.

A console proper to succeed the Xbox 360 will come with full games as well as the ARM system’s offerings, but when is hazy. It’s due after the upgraded Kinect lands, but that won’t be until 2015, so don’t hold your breath.

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