Are you the new Spielberg?

We don't think you are. If this makes you seethe with rage, you've got a chance to make us look like prize idiots by entering UK Online's Faster Films competition, which was launched yesterday. They want your inspired three minute movie on their site, now

No, this isn't a desperate member of Stuff on deadline day. We prefer to jump out of the window fully-clothed. Rather, it's an impressive looking entry from a chap called Daniel Askill to UK Online's Faster Films competition, on the theme of 'speed'.

Launched yesterday and with a closing date of October 23rd, the nationwide search for a new, improved Guy Ritchie taps into the increasing popularity of video blogging or 'vlogging'.

To enter, simply plan your three minutes of genius on the theme of 'speed', shoot it, compress it into a file no bigger than 50MB and upload it to this site. If you're unfamiliar  with compressing video on your computer, there's a handy guide on the site to show you the way.

Once on the site, it will be perused by a panel of experienced eyes, including those of Nik Powell (Director of National Film and Television School) and Pawel Pawlikowski (Director of 'My Summer of Love'). Regional winners will be announced on 9th November and will be invited on a VIP trip to London for a final screening event.

The considerable carrot for the winner is an international film distribution contract with Future Shorts and a film making course at the New York film school. Well worth the effort, if only to get your own director's chair...