Are music games dying?

It might seem like bad timing just as The Beatles: Rock Band hits the shops but according to CNBC the music game is dead. Apparently after years of se

Apparently after years of selling like hotcakes, 2009 has been a bad year for music games.

It's true the genre has been flogged to death ever since Guitar Hero took the world by storm. It's also true that the recession makes expensive games with dedicated controllers less appealing.

There's even an argument that little has been done to move the genre forward since Guitar Hero wedded the rock god imagery to the music game formula.

But claims the genre is dead are really over the top. A drop in sales in a recession hardly means the death of a genre and the buzz about The Beatles: Rock Band may turn things around.

And DJ Hero's promise of giving the players more influence on the music also suggests there's still life in the old dog yet.

But what do you think? Are music games here to stay?