Archos uncovers Android web radio and home phone

Those green little droids have started the invasion into our homes and we welcome them


Archos has been rather busy churning out Android devices of late, and now there's two more devices to add to the table. The 35 Home Connect is a Wi-Fi enabled web radio with a hefty battery life which should come in handy for the 50,000-strong station library, courtesy of the pre-loaded TuneIn app. An alarm clock, traffic and weather information should ensure less early-morning mishaps and a front facing webcam can also double up as a baby monitor/room surveillance. 

The 35 Smart Home Phone on the other hand brings all of the power of a smartphone straight to your landline, offering thousands of Android apps just waiting to be installed in addition to the standard mp3 ringtones and caller photo ID that we’ve come to expect from our mobile counterparts. The handy video call app lets you see the ugly mugs of your loved ones, whether they’re calling from a PC or another Android device.

Both offerings will be available at the end of September, with the Home Connect costing £120, and the Home Phone, £130. Next stop – Android powered toasters.


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