Archos introduces a pair of capacious Honeycomb tablets

250GB of slate storage for less than 200 quid – tempted much?

Archos has revealed a pair of Android Honeycomb-rocking tablets which are both crammed with 250GB hard drives, resulting in much more memory than your average slate. We’d expect the exclusion of flash memory to create a bit of chunkiness in the design department, but we’d gladly trade shallow looks for the copious amount of space on offer. 

1080p video decoding and output via HDMI should be a breeze for the dual-core 1.5GHz processor, while the flexibility of a separate pay-as-you-go 3G dongle should help keep down costs. The only disappointment is the September release date, but that's easily negated by the price tags of £200 and £250 for the 8in G9 and 10.1in G9 models respectively – we can already hear the iPads quivering next to their £400+ price tags.