Archos GPS module gets official

Archos has confirmed that its bringing GPS to its 605 Wi–Fi PMP. Our French stringer was down the front at today’s launch event across the

Rather than cramming joyous sat-nav into the media box itself, Archos has instead opted for a GPS cradle that you can slap onto your dash. The receiver’s hidden away in the module, which means you won’t be able to go out sat-navving without being in your motor.

Still, this lack of handheld action ain’t all bad. Keeping it confined to the cradle means you can use it with every version of the 605, from the tiny 4GB, right up to the 160GB beast.

Maps for Europe, USA and China will be included, depending on your hood, natch, with optional updates via subscription. There’s also traffic updates, a ‘lane assistant’ to get you moving quicker on the motorway and info on speed cameras. Just to crush your urge to appear on Police, Camera, Action.

The GPS mod’ will hit you for £50, with the 605 remaining at £279 for the top end model. Not cheap, but considering you can stash all your movies and tunage on top of finding your way to the nearest KFC, it’s ain’t a bad deal if you ask us.

What do you think? Will you be getting an Archos GPS or sticking with your trusty sat-nav? Tell us in the comments section below.


Archos GPS Module for 605 WiFi

Price: £50

On sale: May/June

Contact: Archos