Archos brings 3G to new multimedia monster

Archos has officially revamped its aging, weighty fleet of PMPs with three new 'internet media tablets' - the Archos 5, Archos 5g and Archos 7. Every

As you can guess from the name, the 5g is the hero product here, rocking 3G connectivity so you can get online wherever you are, without wigging out at the thought of not having Wi–Fi to keep you safe.

Measuring just 12.5mm across, you get a 5in screen at 800x480 resolution, with Flash support, access to the Archos content portal and web TV and radio. You can even hook it up to your LCD panel for watching 720p hi–def, although you will need to fork out extra for a plug–in so it'll play nice.

The 5g will roll up early September with 30GB of storage, alongside two other, 3G–free models, the Archos 5 and Archos 7. The latter comes with either 160GB or 320GB storage, with the 5 rocking 60GB, 120GB and 250GB. If you want some HSDPA action, you can lay out for a special dongle that'll do the job.

Archos says there will be a string of free plug–ins at launch, but you'll need to pay for extras including the vodcast and cinema features. As ever, Archos hasn't quite got it right when it comes to extras. The 5 is set to cost £279.99 for the 60GB version, £319.99 for the 120GB, and £359.99 for 250GB. The 7 will clock in at a wallet-wilting £360 for the 160GB and an massive £440 for the 320GB. 5g pricing will be announced soon. Best get saving.

We'll be bringing you a hands–on video soon, but look out for the 5g doing its thing in the October issue of Stuff, out soon.


Archos 5, 5g and 7

Price: Archos 5 from £279, Archos 7 from £360

On sale: August

Contact: Archos