Archos 9 Windows 7 tablet outed

Well, we were hoping Archos's big announcement yesterday evening in Paris would finally throw some light on their uber–hyped IMT Android tablet.

Instead, we're having to make do with a string of killer new devices which the French chaps will clearly hope give them the edge in their contibuing batlle with Apple.

Leading the line is the Windows 7–packing Archos 9. The clue's in the name folks, with a 9in screen giving you access to a pared down version of the Big M's next–gen OS. There's an Atom processor, 80GB HDD, Bluetooth and a mobile TV tuner (for those Europeans). Sounds like a beefed up smartbook to us.

There's also an 8GB Archos 3 PMP, as well as an Archos 13 lappie that takes things up a notch from its previously announced netbooks.

The Archos 9 is scheduled to land in September, just as soon as Microsoft can kick Windows 7 out of the door officially. Its due to cost €450, so stay tuned for UK pricing as we get it.