Archos 7 finally hits shelves today

You could be forgiven for thinking that Archos was preparing for a quiet Christmas after surprising us all with their string of sleek new Internet Med

But alas, the French multimedia mavens are back for more, finally unleashing the full–on Archos 7 into stores today, months after it was officially given the thumbs up. That means you can nab it now in time for Christmas.

The 7 is the king of the Archos crop, with a 7in screen for watching tons of flicks, browsing the web and listening to your tunes. And you'll have plenty of space too. the 7 comes with either 160GB or 320GB, an obscene amount of storage by anyone's standards.

Obviously, this all comes at a price. The 160GB model clocks in at a wallet wilting £360 and the 320GB at an eye watering £440. Still, the latter can store an insane 300 movies. More than enough for even the sost avid movie buff.

For more on the Archos 7, check out our hands–on video review.


Archos 7

Price: From £360

On sale: Now

Contact: Archos