AR Drone 2.0 will be landing in the UK in June

Brace yourselves, the second generation of drones are coming, and they're smarter than ever....

Parrot has revealed that the successor to its AR Drone quadricopter, the AR Drone 2.0, will be invading UK shores in June with a revamped spec list and a brand new look.

First up on the list of new tricks is the AR Drone 2.0's ability to live stream and record 1280x720 HD video straight to your mobile device's screen before saving recordings to USB or sharing to YouTube or Picasa.

When it comes to gaming, the same camera can also distinguish between certain shapes and colours, allowing you to blast away at augmented reality baddies on your phone's screen.

Parrot's new Absolute Control mode, coupled with its 3D magnetometer should also result in more stability and a smoother, more intuitive flying experience. Tilting your device to the left for example will send the AR Drone 2.0 left too, regardless of the direction it's facing.

A whole host of other sensors including 3-axis accelerometers, gyroscopes and a pressure sensor are said to give improved stability, and coupled with a two ultrasound sensors and a second camera to measure speed, you've got yourself a device that's more kitted out than Inspector Gadget, and infinitely cooler.

If all those specs have got your gadget juices flowing then you'll be pleased to her that the AR Parrot Drone 2.0 can be yours for £280 from June, so not too long to go then before you can earn your quadricopter wings and get revenge on all those pesky neighbourhood cats.

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