Apricot's back with PicoBook Pro netbook

Remember Apricot? They're the folks who most likely made the first PC you ever played on. And now they're back here in Blighty, dropping off that most

Dubbed the PicoBook Pro, it's got everything we've come to expect from these tiny bundles of laptop fun. There's a 8.9in screen, Linux and Windows XP variants, two USB ports, VGA output, Wi–Fi, 1GB of RAM, Bluetooth and SD support, so it's pretty much par for the course.

However, there's a couple of neat differences that make this one worth slapping down a few quid for. First up, the 60GB HDD, meaning you can store plenty of files without crippling your new PC within ten minutes. And then there's WiMAX, meaning you'll be able to get online wherever you are once the network gets properly up and running here in the UK.

The price for all this? Just £269. That's kicking it right at the low end of the spectrum , along with the Toshiba NB100 and Asus Eee PC 901. The Tosh might just edge it, but for retro value alone, surely the Apricot's worth a look.


Apricot PicoBook Pro

Price: £269

On sale: Now

Contact: Apricot