'Appy New Year – 5 apps to help you keep your New Year's Resolutions

Get Fit: iFitness – £1.19, iPhoneIf you want to shift those Christmas pounds, get in shape or up your fitness, the iFitness app will help

If you want to shift those Christmas pounds, get in shape or up your fitness, the iFitness app will help you do all of that at a considerably cheaper price than a personal trainer.

With 230 separate exercises sorted by body region, you'll be able to follow one of 12 pre-loaded routines, as well as make up your own, plus record and track your progress too.

Plus, if you're not quite sure what you're doing, you'll be able to check out pictures and videos of how to do a certain exercise, as well as detailed written instructions accompanying it.

It's not always just about shifting the pounds, but keeping an eye on exactly what you're piling in to your gob that counts.

Offering you thousands of recipes to pull you away from the takeaway menu, this app allows you to browse by cuisine type, occasion or dietary requirements.

It will also provide a list of ingredients you'll need, full nutritional data and step-by-step preparation instructions.

There's no better time to put the cigarettes down than New Year, but doing so on willpower alone can prove to be pretty tough.

My Last Cigarette aims to keep you motivated by serving up information such as how long you've been quit for, the money you've saved since quitting, improvements in your circulation and lungs, your increased life expectancy and the falling level of nicotine in your blood.

There's also a few more scary statistics that really hit home, such as the number of fatalities since you quit, the carbon monoxide in your blood compared with before quitting, and your chance of a heart attack or developing lung cancer compared with if you continued to smoke.

Facing the truth can be a bit of a scary thing, but here's hoping it helps you kick the ash once and for all.

We're all guilty of burning the candle at both ends every now and then, and some of us worse than others. If you've vowed to get more shut eye at night, in an aim to make you more awake for work in the mornings, this app may just help you.

The app makes use of the accelerometer in the iPhone that once placed face down on your mattress overnight, will monitor your movements and analyse your "sleep phases". This enables it to wake you when you are in a lighter sleep meaning you're less groggy than being startled by a buzzing alarm when you're in a deep sleep.

You'll also be given a graph that shows you your sleep data for the night, including how much kip you actually managed to get.

We've seen a couple of alarm clocks claiming to do similar but this really is a rather innovative use of the iPhone, and judging from the reviews, really works.

We always make the same promises to friends and family after Christmas – "we must not leave it so long next time!" But how often have you said that and done nothing about it. Plenty, we'd expect.

It's even more difficult to keep in contact with friends abroad with all the charges involved but now there's no excuses with the Truphone app from the Ovi Store.

This app allows you to make free international VoIP calls through your mobile using Wifi, or there's even a low cost option for calls and texts when you go out of Wifi range.

Even better is the app is free itself so free does mean absolutely nada. Happy chinwagging.

What were your new year's resolutions? Let us know below.