Apps of the Week – Super Bowl XLV

The world's most corporate sport has its own app. Quelle surprise...

The official NFL Super Bowl XLV app (free) needn't detain you long. Like the real event, it takes ages to get going, is festooned with ads, is too glizty and fundamentally rather dull. In essence, you get a lot of info about the Dallas stadium and local events - great if you're actually going, not so good if just want to see teams of armoured men beat into bloody hamburger in high definition.

There are some pretty good American football games out there. A great place to start is BackBreaker 2 (59p), a great-looking game that slowly introduces the five key moves of running, avoiding, tackling and showing off by wiggling your bum in the endzone. It won't tax your brain (er, what were you expecting?) but you'll feel the slo-mo replay of a particularly crunching tackle all the way to your coccyx.

Another fun game is Flick Kick Field Goal (59p), which sets you up as the kicker with a series of increasingly tough set-piece kicks on goal. It starts easily enough but as the wind picks up and you get further from the touchline (and then at funny angles), your flicking fingers will have to get ever more precise. Also available in rugby and footie (sorry, soccer) flavours.

I was going to review Madden NFL 11 (currently 59p) but it's way too complicated and fussy, with annoyingly imprecise controls. Frankly, if you're going to be confused and slightly irritated by a game, you might as well as do it leaning back on the sofa watching the real thing with a fizzy approximation of a beer in your hand.

Talking of which, the game must have started by now. If you haven't got Sky Sports 1 or an after-hours pub to go to, you're stuck with NFL Game Center Lite (free), which will at least give you preview articles, injury info and live scores. It's also got the stats for both teams pre-loaded, so you can pretend you know the difference between passing and rushing. Have fun y'all!