Apps we want to see made into films

With Angry Birds confirmed for a 2016 film debut we work out the plots for our favourite app to film adaptations

In 2016 that famous fuming feathered army, Angry Birds, will be elevated to Hollywood-level stardom as they go head to head with their porky enemies on the big screen. Angry Birds The Movie has Pixar written all over it. And where Pixar goes others follow. So here are the greatest app to film adaptations we see coming soon.

Apple Maps: Lost In The Woods

The app Apple’s attempt at mapping that sent users to the wrong places, nearly killing some forest wandering Australians.

The film Cheerleader Brittany and her quarterback boyfriend Troy want to get away on a private holiday after prom night. Its time to take their relationship to the next level. Apple Maps, lurking in her handbag, has other plans. Untarmaced roads, an empty fuel tank, and the glaring eyes of local cannibal hicks lead to a death trap they can never hope to find their way out of – if Apple Maps has anything to do with it. Ultimately a Hollywood ending is reached thanks to the film’s hero – found on the Android phone of a dead hiker – Google Maps.

Fruit Ninja: Night Of The Living Lychees

The app Screen swiping skill tester that rewards fewer slices of your Fruit Ninja blade to destroy maximum falling fruit.

The film Bullied nerd and failed scientist Clyde Fraise, after being called a fruit and nut all his life, decides to take revenge. Using, science, he bring fruit to life which angers the otherwise comfortably inanimate edibles – who inevitably want to kill all humans. Enter the Fruit Ninja whose name and origins nobody knows. You can guess how that goes for the fruit.

Cat Piano: A Life Played in Major

The app A small piano keyboard of a size suitable for cats.

The film In an attempt to make a video for YouTube one pet owner is surprised when her cat is able to play a simplified Beethoven’s Fifth on her iPhone. Fame, fortune and fandom follow for our feline friend. But, just like using too much alliteration, the excess ruins the now drug addicted cat. His path to recovery leads addicts the world over to repent as, once again, this seemingly messianic cat is loved by its residents he saves.

Draw Something: He Dares You

The app Doodle something for another person to guess on their phone, they reciprocate, ad infinitum into Draw Something addiction.

The film On a planet where humans are enslaved and all forms of expression are illegal, one man stands up. He creates Draw Something and sparks an uprising that changes the world as they know it. This should probably be told retrospectively with Morgan Freeman narrating and it ending in a twist that reveals the film was on a future Earth all along.

Frontline Commando: Suck My Gun Barrel

The app A first person shooter described on the Play Store as, “ONE MAN. ONE WAR. YOU ARE THE FRONTLINE COMMANDO.”

The film Muscle-bound military man Max Hardon, played by Sam Worthington, must kill all the bad guys so the good guys can win. He does this. Lots of people die but they are bad and good wins. This is good.

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