Apple's plans to kill off keyboards

Not content with MacBook Air and now Pro users doing new fingerdances like the pinch 'n' swivel, it looks as if the masters of the touch interface eve

Apple has filed an 80-page patent application for a two-hand touchpad which takes on all of the functionality of the traditional keyboard and mouse. Other features would enable handwriting recognition just by performing a writing motion with your hand.

As reported on the AppleInsider blog, Apple is keen to include ergonomic features to prevent any desk-based repetitive strain, so the pad is arched to provide a more natural wrist position.

This touchpad of the future will also incorporate 3D sensors for detecting motion above the surface of the pad, allowing for some very advanced gesture controls... or a hi-tech game of rock, paper, scissors.

Probably best to keep your beloved keyboard tucked away from now on, just in case the big A comes knocking.