Apple's next iPhones will launch on September 10th

Ring the date in your diary – it's iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C time
Apple iPhone 5S

Dust off those calendars and prepare to make a date with Apple – the next iPhone is set to arrive on September 10th.

That's according to AllthingsD's sources (who tend to get these things right) – though the location is under wraps for the time being.

Apple is widely expected to release the iPhone 5S, the follow-up to the current iPhone 5, at the event, which will coincide with IFA. The device will reportedly resemble the iPhone 5, adding a fingerprint scanner under a convex home button protected by sapphire glass, plus a dual LED flash for its rumoured 13MP camera. The phone is also expected to nick the A6X processor from the iPad 4, or an all-new A7 chip – and will, of course, run Apple's new minimalist operating system, iOS 7

And the most outlandish rumour? The iPhone 5S will reportedly be available in black, white… and gold.

We're expecting the iPhone 5C to arrive at the same event. The plastic-backed, affordable iPhone will reportedly be available in a rainbow of colour options, and leaks to date suggest it'll rock the same screen size (4in) and resolution (1136x640) as the iPhone 5. As it appears proportionally similar to the iPhone 5, it's likely to use similar A6-based internals to the iPhone 5, too – although the 5th-generation iPod Touch makes do with an older A5 chip, so it could adopt those as a further cost-saving exercise.

Budget iPhone 5C coming

Apple iPhone 5C

The big question, though, is: will Apple release its much-rumoured budget iPhone (reportedly named the iPhone 5C) at the event? The budget iPhone is expected to feature a plastic build, rather than the glass and aluminium of the iPhone 5, and will be available in an veritable rainbow of colours.

Apple, predictably, has issued no comment on the rumours - but if you're an Apple fanboy you'll doubtless be clearing a space in your calendar for September 10th.

[Source: AllthingsD via Omio]