Apple's next iDevices may have MagSafe data and headphone connections

Could this fancy future tech mean waterproof iPhones and iPads? We sure hope so

Apple's future iPhones, iPads and iPods could have their dock and headphone connectors replaced by programmable MagSafe connections similar to the power connectors of MacBooks.

An online Apple patent reveals that data could be transferred between coded magnets, putting an end to the Apple dock connector once and for all.

Although owners of Apple docks and accessories will be dismayed at the thought of having to buy new kit to work with the new connector, the connectors' sealed construction could mean fully waterproof iDevices.

We doubt you'll be able to go scuba diving with your iPhone 5 any time soon, but if this is a sign of things to come from the boffins at Cupertino, we can't wait.

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