Apple's new look for iOS 7 leaks online

Sir Jony Ive's redesign of iOS 7 has leaked across the interwebs, showing off a simplified, flatter look for Apple's mobile operating system
Leaked iOS 7 screenshot

A very blurry picture purporting to show an alpha version of Sir Jony Ive's redesigned iOS 7 has appeared online. It comes courtesy of iDownloadBlog, which claims that the simplified design of the stock icons is in line with Ive's expected 'war on skeuomorphism'.

While it's impossible to verify the photo, it seems like a less dramatic redesign than anticipated, removing the gloss effects and borders from the iOS icons. Curiously, the Newsstand icon in the photo still resembles a wooden bookshelf, while the Weather app now sports added clouds – which seems at odds with Ive's design philosophy and his unfavourable view of skeuomorphism.

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[iDownloadBlog via T3]