Apple's new iPad (iPad 3) launches with HD Retina Display

It's official – Apple's latest shiny rectangle is here. So how many of the frenzied iPad 3 rumours did we get right?

Apple's "New iPad" (iPad 3) has just been announced and boy, Cupertino sure knows how to make 'em. The most-hyped tablet on the planet has appeared with the 2048x1536 Retina Display that we – and games developers – were hoping for. That's an incredible 264ppi on a tablet, if you're interested. Plus the new iPad comes rocking a beefed up dual-core A5X processor that should improve its graphics crunching power very nicely.

The new iPad is also 4G friendly, which means that Americans will be able to browse the internet on their new Apple tablet at super-fast speeds via LTE while we tap our fingers and sigh, wait for 4G across all of the UK.

There are also a few minor changes from the iPad 2 – the new iPad is slightly thicker than its predecessor at 9.4mm thick (versus 8.8mm) but since that's due to the amazing HD display, we'll forgive Apple – just this once. The new iPad's camera has been treated to an upgrade in the form of a 5MP camera and 1080p video skills.

Apple's launching 16GB, 32GB and 64GB models of the new iPad, available to buy on March 16th, presumably on the basis that most of us are happy to stick most of our music and movies up in the iCloud instead of tying it to one device. The prices are US$499 (16GB), US$599 (32GB) and US$699 (64GB) but we'll get UK prices over to you as soon as we can. Hands on photos and video of the New iPad are minutes away.

Follow the iPad 3 liveblog here for more specs and photos from the Apple launch.

UPDATE: Read our in depth new iPad 3 review here.

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