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Apple’s multi-touch Magic Mouse unveiled

With Apple pushing its Multi-Touch tech, it was only a matter of time before it was crammed into a mouse - in fact, we predicted as much over a year a

It essentially transplants the MacBook touchpad onto the back of a mouse so you can use all the familiar gestures to navigate your way around the screen.

Swipe two fingers up, down, left or right and your webpage or document will move accordingly, with Apple’s motionflow tech controlling the speed depending upon how quick you flick.

The Magic Mouse’s top shell, like almost everything Apple is trying to sell us, is “seamless” (perhaps they should branch out into trouser tech?). It can be used as a two-button mouse, with the top surface performing the clicks.

Accuracy should be spot-on too, as it features a laser tracking engine that we’re told is far more accurate than traditional optical tech. That should translate to better performance on tricky surfaces without the need for a mousepad.

The Magic Mouse connects via Bluetooth with a range of up to 10m – perfect for a bit of sofa- or bed-based surfing and movie watching.

It comes bundled with the new iMacs, or you can buy one for a not insignificant £55.