Apple's iTV will be 50in and designed by Jonathan Ive

There's a "slick looking TV" in Ive's studio – and we don't think it's a Samsung

Apple's much-rumoured iTV could have been casually sitting in (Sir) Jonathan Ive's studio ages ago, according to leaky ex-Apple employees – and if the lead designer of some of the most desirable products on the planet is still on form, we like this news a lot.

USA Today's source didn't give away too much detail on the Apple iTV's design except to say that it's a "slick 50in TV" and that Apple's first TV model will be an HDTV with an LCD display and built-in Wi-Fi. So no surprises there.

Rumours about the Apple iTV have already teased features including a super hi-def screen built by Sharp, Siri integration, AirPlay and a Virgin Media TiVo-esque content recommendation system. But let's face it, we're not going to stick 50in of tech in the middle of our sitting room unless it's beautiful. We can't wait for the first leaked pics.

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