Apple’s iTunes 8.1 brings new DJ skills

Yesterday Apple unveiled a spanking new iPod shuffle, and has followed it up today with another music-tinged release: iTunes 8.1 is now available for

While it’s not as much of a great leap forward as iTunes 8, there are some pretty nifty new features. The ‘Party Shuffle’ feature, released back in 2004, has been rechristened iTunes DJ and now lets iPhone users with Apple’s remote app request songs. Users can also vote on which songs to play.   

The Genius sidebar, which until now has only recommended music, has been expanded to videos. Also conversion rates for CDs have been made higher by default, and you can now autofill manually managed iPods.

The most useful change, though, could be the noticeable speed boost given to loading times for both the library and iTunes Store. It’s available to download now for free, from the Apple website.