Apple’s iPhone and iPad prototypes unveiled

In the Apple versus Samsung trial a designer from Apple has revealed binned but beautiful designs

Apple designer Christopher Stringer took to the stand, in the trial of Apple versus Samsung, bringing with him a host of prototype designs for iPhones and iPads. Some were physical prototype handsets – all in aid of proving Apple got there first.

In total there were 32 iPhone and six iPad designs which just goes to show how the rumour mill churns out so many different possibilities. Some, like prototype 25 above may even look better than the final release. Rather interestingly it looks more akin to Sony phone designs, with the flat metallic back and side button grouping, than Samsung handsets. The iPad design below even sports a larger rounded edge, presumably for easy holding, which was clearly scrapped.

The hearing also revealed that Apple literally designs its handsets around the kitchen table. What they put in their milkshakes was kept secret, but we’ll have one of whatever they’re drinking, we imagined Samsung saying. Follow The Verge link below for the full photo gallery and don't miss our iPhone 5 photo story on what may be the next stage in Apple handset evolution.

[Via AllThingsD and The Verge]

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