Apple's iPad sales could pay for video rights for Apple iTV launch

What do you do when you've got $100 billion of cash lying around? Analysts say Cupertino should get splurging before that mountain gets too high

Apple looks set to sell a whole lot of iPads this week but that isn't going to help its embarrassing problem – yep, we're talking about that massive pile of cash ($100 billion to be exact) that Apple has just lying around making it look foolish. Or, the world's most valuable "brand" depending on which way you look at it.

So what are they likely to be shopping around for? Well – analyst Tim Bajarin, from consulting firm Creative Strategies, told The Economist that Cupertino is likely to extend its power-mad grip to the supply chain by buying up a bunch of semiconductor factories.

It's also likely that Apple will set its sights on companies who own sports and movie rights that we can all sit back comfortably to watch on a 55in Jonathan Ive Apple iTV come 2013. Bagging the rights to exclusive TV shows in the US, or Premier League coverage for that matter, will give Apple a great start when its first TV set finally makes an appearance.

Either way, that's a killer shopping spree and we're sure the rest of the tech world will be watching Apple's splurge very closely indeed.

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