Apple’s iOS 6.1 arrives with iCloud song downloads

Want to uncloud your cloud library? Done, thanks to the latest software update for Apple’s iPhone and iPad. And more…

Apple has unleashed iOS 6.1, and there’s not a shoddy bit of mapping software to be seen (well, there is, but it’s not new). Instead the release of iOS 6.1 for iPhone and iPad brings the ability for iCloud users to download the music they’ve got stored on Apple’s cloud servers, so you can uncloud your cloud library.

Elsewhere Apple has added 4G support for 36 more carriers around the world, including networks in the North America, Japan, Australia, Europe, Korea, Singapore, Hong Kong, South Africa and the Middle East (exhaustive list here).

Oh, and there’s a “new button to reset the Advertising Identifier”, whatever that means. So, not the most thrilling iOS update we’ve ever seen, but a boon for iCloud subscribers. We’re off to tinker and see what else we can find.

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